Spring, and I’m not awake enough to appreciate it…


ImageSo here is a picture of cherry blossoms… my phone takes great pics if I pay attention to what I’m doing. But really, I just want to go back to bed and sleep…all day. Storm clouds rolling in and the barometer just HAS to hammer nails into my joints. But I must keep moving…I will not surrender and become flabby (um…flabbier), or lose my ability to walk, regardless of the pain I experience when I do. Wish I knew a way to make the rest of me keep going as well. Coffee here I come!!! 


18 inch table

18 inch table

Hubby salvaged an old table that my in laws decided to leave outside. He sprayed it with that stone-look paint, and stained a new table top for it. We just ordered a glass table top for it… I think it will be perfect for my phone, purse and laptop!

Amazing Stupidity

I swear some people are so stupid-it’s like they can’t even figure out how to butter bread. There are so many people that cross the road at 145th and 99, with traffic going 55 or more, and they refuse to use the crosswalk. There are reports about people being hit by cars almost every week on 99, and yet they still do it-rain or shine, night or day. I guess it’s natural selection at work, we don’t need those people in our gene pool.