Monsoon weather!

Holy cow grocery shopping officially became an adventure today! The storm front came in with high winds, pelting rain, and no breaks where we could run to the truck without getting drenched!



Fall Arrives

Oddly, I feel good about this fall,I am not depressed by the summer passing. Usually I get grumpy and depressed, my good friend the sun has gone and all that is left is the long grey months of fall and winter.

Today it is windy, the leaves are flying from the trees. I am groggy and want to go back to sleep. I have my coffee,a soft blanket, and my usual spot on the couch. I hurt, as usual, fibromyalgia and arthritis are working me over.

It is Monday, and all the working people are scurrying around, trying to get out the door and beat the traffic. I listen to them drive by, glad I am done with all that, yet missing the camaraderie. The sound of the wind suddenly pummels the chimney and I jump. I love storms, especially the kind that are windy and intermittently rainy. I love the spectacle of lightning, but I am also afraid of it.