Why I HATE Easter

Ugh, just the word makes me cringe… Easter is definitely the one holiday I hate the most. Let me tell you why:

There are numerous reasons, the fact that it has absolutely nothing to do with Jesus is one. Yes, you read that right. A goddess named Ishtar is responsible for the name of Easter, and she was worshiped a LONG time before Jesus was even born (by the Sumerians c.3500 BC). She was the goddess of fertility, love, war, sex, and power.  Her symbol is an eight-pointed star, and she is affiliated with rabbits, eggs, the rising of the sun and many other things that are associated with Easter.

In fact, Ishtar is pronounced “easter”. Look it up, it’s interesting reading. Back in the day when Christianity was a baby religion, the leaders of the church wanted to have more power and money, and they schemed up ways to convert “pagans”. One of the tactics they used was to incorporate pagan celebrations, idols, symbols, etc., into the church. The pagan ways and symbols were altered a bit to both help them embrace Christianity, and make it look like the church wasn’t embracing paganism.

While this was happening, they planted seeds in the mindset of the followers that pagan beliefs were wrong, and the new Christianity was right. It took a while to brainwash everyone, but the crusades and the threat of being burned at the stake helped. Soon, everyone was scared to say anything against the church, or even breathe wrong for fear that a friend or relative would turn them in for hearsay or witchcraft. Sure, things are a bit different now, and there are people who follow many different beliefs, including many who are more nature oriented and lean towards what was considered pagan back then. It’s not pagan origins that bother me, it’s the fact that Christians today blindly accept and celebrate something that doesn’t have anything to do with “Christ” and get bent out of shape about anyone that questions what they are actually worshiping!

But that’s only part of my issue with it all.  You know how Christmas has become so commercialized? Well, Easter is too, and it’s an even more useless holiday because aside from the fact that you are worshiping Ishtar instead of God on that day (no one really knows what day Jesus was resurrected, or born, for that matter), people go out and spend gobs of money on fancy clothes their kids will never wear again, candy they shouldn’t eat, and cheap plastic crap that will go in the garbage to fill up our landfills a couple of days later. Then there is the fact that a holiday that celebrates the gruesome execution of God’s Son is celebrated with giddy excitement, with lavish layouts of food and goodies, and everyone forgets what they are actually celebrating, whether they realize the origins of the holiday or not. It’s all about the food for the adults, and the candy and eggs for the kiddos. So why are they doing this and not helping out the poor, the disenfranchised, the homeless? Wouldn’t that money be better spent somewhere else? Of coarse it would, but not only money, time and effort as well. I think Jesus would be abashed at all the waste and silliness going on in His name!

But wait, there’s more!!! The Biggest reason I loathe the holiday we call Easter today is because of the grotesque childish falsetto of a certain family member who coos, SCREECHES, and flutters about like a love-struck ten year old girl with a crush on some teenage heartthrob! This woman is living in some fantasy world where all she has to do is bat her eyes and squeal like a little girl and suddenly she’s the cutest thing on the face of the planet. Or so she thinks. Never mind that there are NO CHILDREN around to think that what she is doing is cute, or adorable, only a bunch of adults who have seen it all before at EVERY holiday function, and are wincing at the sounds she makes while making a complete idiot of herself. Why on earth she thinks a 60+ year old woman who reeks of cheap cigarettes and looks much older (because of sunbathing too much) is “cute” is beyond anyone within sight or sound of her.

I find it annoying and intolerable (particularly to my ears!). I SO want to tell her to STFU and act like an ADULT!!! I dread her gushing over the cuteness of this or that decoration, or the “cute little bunnies” or the “Bullwinkles” (moose) that live in our state, or any other number of things she think deserves some pre-adolescent squealing that is worse than fingernails on chalkboard! It’s enough to make me nauseous, and I’m not saying that out of jealousy, (who in their right mind wants to be looked at like a total nut-job?). I’m the complete opposite, I don’t want attention, I would rather everyone just leave me the f alone! Ok, rant over… back to our regularly scheduled programming.




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