Easter is over

Thank goodness Easter is over!!! The MIL & FIL & son were here, we had kabobs on the BBQ, watched wood fire burning in the back yard. Saw 7 young deer traipse down the dirt road and go into our neighbors yard to eat. MIL was weird today, she was ripping into FIL pretty bad about some things, then she cooled off, chatted about basically nothing, then started having fits about other family members coming by to visit us on a trip they planned for another family reunion. She wanted all the details even though I have little to do with the part of the family. All I know is they are going to be in town and they want to stop by and see us while they are here. She wanted to know where they are staying, how long, where, when, why and how! I couldn’t believe she was making such a big deal about people I really don’t know or care about much. Then later, she was fussing about the neighbors, saying things that lead me to believe that she thinks they are nosy, conniving, self-serving, and pushy. I couldn’t believe she was being such a bitch about it. Our neighbors are not like that at all, and they haven’t lived here long enough to make a nuisance out of themselves either. True to my word, I didn’t say anything about it, but later on, I was thinking about it because something on “Everybody Loves Raymond” nudged my memory, and I realized that she could be jealous!!! I think she is jealous that people are not visiting her! But you reap what you sow, if you act like a dick 24/7, you smoke really cheap cigs like they are going out of style, so your house (and you!) stink to high heaven, then you reply to suggestions that you get a hobby, join a group, etc…. and say things like: “I don’t want to hang out with all the old biddies!) Have you looked at the mirror lately? you bitch whine and moan all the time, then they see you  and tread you down?


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